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Patch, Wahling Co Patch.gif (63509 bytes)   USS Enterprise CVN-65, Westpac Whaling Co., VQ-1 Det Alfa, In God We Trust All Others We Monitor, 3-1/2" Patch
 USS Enterprise CV-6, Ship's Emblem, 4-1/2" Patch
  United States Navy, 3-1/4" Patch
  US Navy Bicentennial 1775-1975, Don't Give Up The Ship, 3-1/4" Patch
Patch, Enterprise Battle Group.gif (53919 bytes)   Enterprise Battle Group - Keepers of Freedom, 5" Patch
patch_westpac_1988_iranian.gif (52609 bytes)  

 USS Enterprise CVN-65/CVW-II, Ramadan War Games Iranian Swim Call, 4-1/4" X 4-1/2" Patch


patch_tomhawk_2001.gif (82114 bytes)   USS Enterprise CVN-65, Last Tomcat Cruise 1976-2001 Operation Enduring Freedom, CVW-8, Black Aces 41, 4" Patch
patch_summer_2001.gif (61328 bytes)  USS Enterprise CVN-65/CVW-8,  Summer 2001 European Vacation, VS-24, VFA-15, VFA-87, VF-14, VF-41, VAQ-141, VAW-124, HS-3 and VRC-40, 4-1/2" Patch
patch_westpac_yard_79-81.gif (70433 bytes)
  U.S.S. Enterprise CVN-65, Big E, YardPac 79-81 PSNS Bremerton, Wa., 3-1/2" x 6-1/2" Patch
boat_patch.gif (50898 bytes)   Boat Patch NSN CVN-65 11/11-14/2000 T-45TS/ADV, 3" Patch

med_persian_gulf_96.gif (69056 bytes)

  USS Enterprise CVN-65, Med & Persian Excursion 1996, 5" Patch
tiger_cruise.gif (59346 bytes)
  USS Enterprise CVN-65, Tiger Cruise
training_6_2000.gif (84609 bytes)   Big E, June 2000 "Bouncus Ad Nausium"

decal_aimd.jpg (66810 bytes)

  USS Enterprise CVN-65, AIMD Decal,  2-1/2" 


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