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Anytime Baby Belt Buckle.jpg (68763 bytes)Anytime Baby Belt Buckle Back.jpg (69753 bytes) 

Belt Buckle, Front: U.S. Navy “Anytime, Baby…” Image of USS Enterprise CVN-65 with Nuclear ships.  Back:  Serial Number 1072.  Inscription:  The United States Navy, In 1775, The Continental Congress set up the Navy of United Colonies.  In 1798, John Adams asked Congress to create the Department of the Navy.  This buckle depicts the U.S. Navy of today:  The Polaris Poseidon Trident Nuclear Submarines of the Ohio Class witch are part of the U.S. Strategic Triad.  Nuclear Super Carriers Carrying Fighter Bombers like the F-14 Guided by the E2 Hawkeye Radar Planes.  Backed by Cruisers laden with Nuclear Cruise Missiles.

Belt Buckle, Big E CVAN-65.jpg (72844 bytes)

Belt Buckle, Military Type, USS Enterprise CVN-65 with Raised Image of Ship and Emblem

Belt Buckle, USS Enterprise CVAN-65 Crossing Equator.jpg (68070 bytes)

Belt Buckle, Silver Overlay, Imperivn Neptvni Regis, USS Enterprise CVA(N)-65 Crossed Equator Nov. 7 – 1965

Belt Buckle, Zippo, USS Enterprise CVN-65.jpg (90463 bytes)

Belt Buckle, Zippo, Military Type, USS Enterprise CVN-65 with Image of Ship and Emblem

model_record_sleeve.jpg (33076 bytes)

Revell record and slip cover containing sounds of ship activities.  Companion to model. 

Beer Label, Cascade Brewery Hobart.jpg (351153 bytes)

Beer Label, Cascade Brewery Horbart, Lager Brewed to commemorate the visit to Tasmania of USS Enterprise, 1976


cvn-65_ashtray.jpg (43697 bytes)

CVN-65 Ashtray


CVAN-65, Raised alum

e_wall_clock.jpg (34085 bytes)

CVAN-65 Wall clock (head on view)


key_fob_cvan65.jpg (28140 bytes)

CVAN-65 Key Fob


shirt_2000_2.jpg (35299 bytes)

Friends and Family Day Cruise 2000 T-shirt

shirt_1988.jpg (31621 bytes)

T-shirt purchased on the ship during our 1988 reunion visit in Oakland, Calif

shirt_1995.jpg (36539 bytes)

Friends and Family Day Cruise 1995 T-shirt

wardroom_ashtray.jpg (35614 bytes)

Wardroom ash tray with ship's insignia "USS Enterprise CVAN-65"

soup_bowl_wardroom.jpg (37352 bytes)

Wardroom soup bowl with ship's insignia "USS Enterprise CVAN-65

ticket_day_cruise_2000.gif (41970 bytes)

Ticket Stub, Friends and Family Day Cruise
July 29, 2000

bumpersticker.jpg (34769 bytes)

Bumper Sticker, Here to Serve..Not to Swerve...
Don't Drink and Drive



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