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launching_cv-6.jpg (33899 bytes)

Launching of CV-6, Norfolk, Va
October 3, 1936


commissioning_cv-6.jpg (33978 bytes)

Commissioning CV-6 
May 12, 1938

cv-6_shakedown_cruise.jpg (31647 bytes)

Shakedown Cruise 
"Rolling down to Reo"
July 18th - Sept 22, 1938

enterprise_&_boxer.jpg (31054 bytes)

During Tripolitan war Defeted and Captured H.B.M.S. Boxer
September 5, 1813
(Enterprise No. 2)


Stephen Decatur.jpg (27748 bytes) 

U.S. Naval Hero
Stephen Decatur
My country-may she ever be right, but, right or wrong, my country.
man_o_war_mastico.jpg (34810 bytes)

Commemorating the Naval Victory of U.S.S. Enterprise over the Tripolitan MAN O' WAR Mastico
Dec 23, 1803 

Big E Photo.jpg (32158 bytes)

CVAN65 Photo


postcard_hh-60-front.jpg (34198 bytes)

Postcard of the HH-60 Seahawk.  It provides all-weather detection, classification, localization and interdiction of surface ships and submarines.

Navy Day  62.jpg (28248 bytes)

Navy Day 
Oct 27,1962


battle_group.jpg (38111 bytes)

United States Navy
Enterprise Battle Group
Ready on Arrival
Jun 21, 2000

enduring_freedom.jpg (32281 bytes)

E-2C Hawkeye making an arrested landing on USS Enterprise

enduring_freedom2.jpg (34939 bytes)

USS Enterprise Oct 20, 2001: Raising the flag that flew over the command post of the Arlington County VA Fire Dept. at the Pentagon following terrorist attack of 9/11/01

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